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The North Glasgow Voluntary Sector Network was formally established in 2009 although voluntary organisations have been working closely together for some time.

In coming together in a more structured way, the NGVSN aims to:

  • Support voluntary organisations through advice and training

  • Provide a forum for sharing of views and ideas

  • Provide a means for the voluntary sector to engage with the community planning process

  • Organise Network Events which allow members to engage with each other

The network is made up of over 90 voluntary organisations covering a wide range of work including environmental, youth, arts, disability, health, older people and community safety. Some members employ a large staff and some have no employees; some work throughout the North and others are more local; some receive funding from the local authority and others do not. What holds the network together is a common commitment to the culture and ethos of the voluntary sector and a desire to make a difference in the lives of local people.

The underlying ethos of the NGVSN is that we are stronger together.