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North Glasgow Voluntary Sector Network

Friday 27th November 2009 at 10.00am at North Glasgow HLC, Ardoch House, Possilpark


Arlene Cooke (North Glasgow HLC)
Fiona Forsyth (Rosemount Lifelong Learning Centre)
Donald Lawrie (North Glasgow Integration Network)
Kevin Simpson (Disability Community)
Isobel Murray (Lifelink)
Tamara Hedderwick (Depot Arts)

In attendance:

Elaine Melville (VSN Support & Development Officer)


Nicky Thomson (Good Morning North Glasgow)
John Polding (Addaction)
Jill Mackay (North United Communities)


    IM welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were submitted on behalf of those unable to attend.


    The minutes of the meeting of 30/10/09 were approved as a true reflection of the meeting. All actions from minutes were noted as complete. It was noted that the current minute format is particularly suitable for the purpose of NGVSN meetings.


    1. Community Planning Structures and Themes

      GNE Board

      The Network noted that the thematic priorities have been presented and approved by the GNE board and that these have now been sent back to the thematic groups to identify any gaps. There will be an event held in order that FSF funded projects can identify where they can "slot into" the gaps.



      The Network was updated that the Learning theme group has recognised that it requires to meet more regularly as the work plan requires review. NGVSN members were informed that a facilitated session with the group raised the issue that the Learning group was too large and so it was decided that the voluntary sector places on the Learning group should be reduced to one. It was also noted that a request was made for additional voluntary sector representation, but that the representative was informed that only one VS representative would be allowed to sit on the Learning group.

      Employability Operational Group

      It was noted that there is no representation for the Voluntary Sector on the Employability Strategic Group. It was noted that the operational group has a high turnover of membership. The Network was informed that the group is led by GNRA and is very much focussed around Glasgow Works. It was noted that there is a lack of information being shared re: targets and progress at the EOG.

      (i) Re-send representative's feedback sheet to Cath McGee and Fiona Forsyth (EM).


      The Network was updated on the work being carried out alongside Collaborate to support the voluntary sector to identify how they fit into the move from projects to programmes. It was also noted that it is expected that the gaps that cannot be filled by FSF funded organisations will be filled by wider voluntary sector organisations. The Network noted the requirement for its members to link in with programmes in order to increase their chances of securing funding and the likelihood that all GCC funding streams will be required to be linked to a programme. The Network highlighted the importance of getting this message across to its wider membership and noted that CPP appear keen to support the voluntary sector to fit into programmes as support events are taking place in the North of the city only the Network acknowledges this support and thanks the local Community Planning Partnership for this effort. The Network also noted that some priorities have chanced as a result of the priority setting events (i.e. Volunteering moved to Vibrant under Community Involvement).

      The Network also discussed consistent year-on-year 20% funding cuts and that, for some projects, this has been going on for up to four years. The Network noted the voluntary sector requires highlighting that cuts to funding will ultimately mean cuts to services as well as in the ability of services to participate in CPP structures. The Network acknowledged the requirement to raise the issue that the voluntary sector is "bending" to meet the requirements of FSF funding and that this makes up a relatively small percentage of most funding packages.


      Members were updated that the ACG has noted progress reports from the action plans for the thematic groups and that the ACG will now explore its role in connecting with the Thematic Groups. It was noted that the thematic group action plans are to be simplified for next year and that the ACG will be responsible for any shifting of resources.

      The Network was also updated that there are proposed changes to community engagement strategies and that as the Community Engagement Co-ordination group has been disbanded, this remit will now fall to the ACG. It was decided that an operational sub-group to support the ACG with this new role - it was also noted that there is no voluntary sector representation on the operational sub-group. It was noted that this should be raised at the NGVSN representation development session scheduled for the 10th December.

    2. Other Relevant Updates


      The Network discussed that the GCVS consultation on the voluntary sector's response to CGIP was well attended, that the feedback was of high quality and that there was a consensus reached between participants. Network members were updated on the meeting business by those who were in attendance.


      The Network noted that the sustainability of NGVSN requires consideration. This will be an agenda item at the next Network meeting it was discussed that the importance of sustainability for the Network should be discussed at the next Network meeting.

      The Network discussed the GCVS funding proposal to the Big Lottery it was agreed that a formal response should be submitted from NGVSN.

      It was noted that there may be a funding opportunity from the Network through the 3rd Sector Interface a pot of funding intended to support the voluntary sector to actively participate at board level.

      (i) Source further information re: 3rd Party Interface fund (EM).




    The marketing sub-group has been identified as Danica Gilland, Kevin Simpson and Donald Lawrie. The inaugural meeting of the marketing sub-group is yet to be scheduled.

    Use Doodle to arrange marketing sub-group meeting.


    It was suggested that the NGVSN re-run the Financial Sustainability training provided to its member organisations in October 2008. It was also agreed that there may be an option to offer SROI training to the Network.

    (i) Send training options around Network and request feedback, i.e. preferred training options, how many places would be required, possible fee for course (EM).


    It was agreed that the quorate attendance for Network meetings will be 6 members on the NGVSN Terms of Reference.





DATE OF NEXT MEETING - Friday 5th February 2009

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