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North Glasgow Voluntary Sector Network

Friday 30th October 2009 at 10.00am at Ardoch House, Possilpark


Arlene Cooke (North Glasgow HLC)
Jill McKay (North United Communities)
Danica Gilland (Toonspeak Young People's Theatre)
Tamara Hedderwick (Depot Arts Young Volunteers)
Cath McGee (Rosemount Flexible Learning Centre)

In attendance:

Elaine Melville (VSN Support & Development Officer)


Frank Miller (Young Possil Futures)
Nicky Thomson (Good Morning North Glasgow)
Brian McGinlay (Sunnylaw Advice Centre)
Harry Young (Royston Youth Action)
Kim Stuyk (New Rhythms For Glasgow)
David Wostenholm (St Matthew's Centre)
Elizabeth Finnan (Autism Resource Centre)
Rose Hitchon (Dash)
John Blake (NATA)
John Polding (Addaction)
Sophie Kavoukis (Volunteer Centre)
Wendy Jones (Community Central Halls)
Michelle McBride (GAMH)


    AC welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were submitted on behalf of those unable to attend.


    The minutes of the meetings of 05/06/09 and 14/08/09 were approved as a true reflection of both meetings. All actions from minutes were noted as complete.


    1. Community Planning Structures and Themes


      The Network noted the requirement for its member to feed points and comments to the relevant representatives. The point was raised that the VSN does not have a full representative on the GNE Community Planning Partnership Board and that the deputy representative has been required to attend all meetings. The Network agreed to write to Richard Kelly at the Community Planning Partnership to request that a temporary representative can be elected in the absence of the current full representative. In the mean time the deputy representative will continue to attend the GNE Community Planning Partnership Board meetings as often as possible.

      It was also suggested that the Freeware programme "Wordpress" may be used as an improved method to feed information to and from reps.


      It was agreed that this should be looked at after the Collaborate event, when organisations will be more ready to engage with Thematic groups. In the meantime, it was agreed that the Network would request feedback from the voluntary sector members who are already engaging with the groups.


      The Network was informed that the move Programme approach will be in place for the year 2010/11 and that all programme activity will be decided through the Thematic groups and plans. The importance of the engagement of the North Glasgow Voluntary Sector Network in this process was highlighted. The Network is to work alongside the Collaborate Consultancy in order to support the increased understanding of Project to Programmes for the sector in North Glasgow. It was noted that there is a requirement for the Network to have a clearer role in engaging with Thematic planning.

      The Network noted that there is no Health thematic group as yet and that the North Glasgow Healthy Living Community has had the opportunity to feed back to the Boards on the Health theme as a temporary measure. This decision will be ratified on the 10th of November and go to the ACG on the 26th November.

      The Network queried whether there is now an over-arching Vibrant themed group.

      The Network agreed the importance of its role in supporting organisations to become engaged with thematic groups and in improving access to information, however, it was noted that there may be some challenges around this, as some groups (eg Learning) have identified that they prefer limited numbers. The Network raised the question of finding a way around this.

      Members discussed that there is still marked confusion around the allocation of Priorities to Themes and what it means for organisations to sit under these Themes, and whether or not organisations will be fully required to sit on Thematic groups, or whether it will be sufficient to be identified as working under a programme. The Network agreed that it is unclear how this will be decided.

      The Network discussed its concerns around the CGIP and who will make funding decisions, as the scrutiny paper suggests that this will be done internally, through GCC, rather than through the Community Planning Boards and Thematic Teams, with whim voluntary sector organisations engage.

      The Network noted concerns that the voluntary sector are not recognised as capable of managing their own concerns and are not taken seriously enough. It was suggested that some training is required for GCC to have a better understanding of the sector.


      Members were updated on the recent development day held for the Area Co-ordination Group and were informed that the ACG will now have clearer links with the Thematic Groups, these will feed into the ACG, who will then feed into the local CPP Boards.

      The Network noted that the NGVSN six monthly report has been submitted to the Community Planning Partnership and that all targets have been met and exceeded.

      (i) Letter to be sent to Richard Kelly at the Community Planning Partnership to request that a temporary representative can be elected in the absence of the current full representative (EM).
      (ii) Management Committee members and Support and Development Officer to work alongside the Collaborate Consultancy in order to support the increased understanding of Project to Programmes for the sector in North Glasgow (JM,DG,IM,AC,EM).
      (iii) Clarify existence of Vibrant thematic group (EM).
      (iiii) Contact voluntary sector members on Thematic groups and request feedback into the Network (EM).

    2. Other Relevant Updates


      The Network discussed the removal of ring fencing for the Fairer Scotland Fund in order that all GCC monies can be integrated. The VSN has responded to the consultation on the Council Grants Integration Project. It was agreed that this should be circulated around the Network along with the minutes from this meeting.

      The Network discussed the CGIP and noted the wish to be treated equitably as the sector is not represented on the Programme Team. The Network agreed that the implications of the CGIP for the local voluntary sector must be considered. The Network will work with Collaborate to support organisations to identify how they fit in with the Single Outcome Agreement.

      It was discussed that each Thematic group will be asked to meet to identify the Priorities for each theme and that Collaborate will feed the recommendations made by the groups to CPP.

      (i) Distribute NGVSN response to CGIP consultation along with meeting minutes.
      (ii) Work alongside Collaborate to support organisations to identify how they fit in with the Single Outcome Agreement.

      It was agreed that the Network is required to identify where it sits under the Themes for the next financial year and make stronger links with GCVS.

      (i) Check where Network will sit under Themes (AC)




    It was agreed that a marketing sub-group is required to look at the Network's web presence, and the content for the Network's article in Connect Magazine in January.

    (i) Identify sub-group (EM)


    It was suggested that the Network may wish to repeat the previously run financial management training. This is to be added to the next agenda.


    The Network noted that, had the constitution been signed off previously, this would not have been a quorate meeting. It was agreed that the Terms of Reference and Constitution should be circulated round the Network for comment/approval, with a one-week deadline and ratified at the next Management Committee meeting on 13th November.


    It was agreed that future guest speakers should be arranged around P2P, Community Planning Priorities and rationalising funding.


    The Network requested that the following items be added to the agenda for the next NGVSN meeting:

    • Financial Management training
    (i) Add listed items to next meeting agenda (EM - NGVSN).
DATE OF NEXT MEETING - Friday 27th November 2009

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